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Smart It Solutions For Logistics

Thus, the app consists of a carrier app, shipper app, and an Admin panel. Have you ever faced a situation when your freight brokers spend too much time checking the load board, your driver’s truck is broken at the mid-way point to a warehouse, while some of your truckers drive empty? Such situations occur because the logistics business is very segmented and consists of several departments – warehouses, fleet, and delivery management. Also, the absence of visibility across logistics departments results in profit loss due to empty miles. In its empty miles research, FreighWaves said on average fleets drive 20% of empty miles or so-called deadhead trips, which reduce logistics businesses’ income.

Logistics mobile apps provide instant access to a company’s database with freight accompanying documents, avoiding inconvenient paper order forms and service orders. We provide proven solutions, high-quality services, and dedicated specialists who know and understand logistics and the supply chain inside out. That makes ICT Group the ideal partner for long-term cooperation in a competitive market. Both for companies engaged in manufacturing, trade and retail and for logistics service providers, Yellowstar’s logistics software gives real substance to chain collaboration, which improves your business. In the logistic world of production and distribution companies, it is all about Operational Efficiency, Operational Safety, Operational Sustainability, and Operational Maintenance.

To benefit from these streamlined operations, businesses can opt for both SaaS or Custom logistics software. As long as this software perform their job and assist businesses in resolving their logistics problems, they are highly recommended to both online and offline businesses. Choosing between SaaS and custom solutions is up to the business owner and we hope the aforementioned information helps you. To ensure how good a software development company will be for your logistics project, discuss your requirements with its sales team.

This process involves a broad range of business documents that often span the participants across different geographies and levels of IT sophistication. We can build an advanced document management software solution that helps you drive your business successfully. Streamlined logistics is imperative today for modern entrepreneurs planning to compete with established business giants or launch new ventures. It is far more important for businesses in the eCommerce industry to transport goods and products to far-off destinations. However, a minor fall in the logistics model can lead to several discrepancies like ruined business relations and canceled orders. ScienceSoft is a US-based IT consulting and software development company founded in 1989.

Solution & Services For Logistics Industries

However, they are not sure what type of application to choose and what functions are needed. Our experience has shown us that such an estimation is almost impossible without these data. To make all this possible and provide transparency to the customer at each step, while keeping them well informed remains a major challenge for the industry.

If you are considering logistic mobile app development and still have questions, we are always here to help. Heavy Haul Route is another mobile app we developed for the logistics segment. Initially, the client needed a route planning app for long-haul truck drivers that offered the best route, and reduction in fuel expenses, to avoid getting off-route tickets and hitting bridges. Apart from coding, the client also needed a team to create the app’s design. During this period, your development team will come up with questions concerning the app’s business logic, functions, end-users, and the way they interact with the app, to create a project specification.

Our expertise enables us to direct your production activities and optimise the flow of goods from your suppliers. The helicopter shipment management platform consists of Android and iOS mobile apps for clients and an admin panel for a Logistics and Transportation Software Solutions transportation company’s employees. This app enables end-to-end visibility on helicopter shipments for clients. Once you have gathered all the necessary data about your logistics mobile app, it is time to find mobile-app developers.

We give you all the information you need to make the right business decisions. From safe driving practices to condition of goods, custom TMS solutions and GPS tracking systems help you keep your eyes on the road. After receiving the users’ feedback, you should consider what advanced logistics app functions to add next. An integrated GPS tracking feature allows you to achieve more coordinated shipment and predict the vehicle’s dispatch time.

Inventory Management

Granted, nobody can guarantee you that the software will work perfectly all the time since occasional crashes and undetected bugs can happen in the software industry. Comprehensive reporting capabilities, with key data such as inventory figures, product histories and shipment records are all accessible remotely at the swipe of a finger or the click of a button, and more. Many companies find their bottom line impacted by increased costs due to fluctuating gas prices, seasonal factors, warehousing, labor and supply shortages, and product-related errors. We at Digi Prima are available 24/7 to collaborate and guide you with the right strategy and tools to help you succeed in your business intelligence, big data, or data science solutions. Parcel Monkey was a bedroom startup founded in the United Kingdom, back in 2010. Since then we have rapidly become a trusted, cross-border shipping service allowing consumers and businesses to ship to and from, anywhere in the world.

Develop a cross-platform solution that implements current technologies and integrates with existing systems. A transport management system will help reduce costs and increase productivity. It typically includes inventory, sales, orders, freight, warehousing, supply chain management, etc. Hope it helps you to gain new insights and inspires you to make technical advances. We offer a wide range of software like supply chain management systems, inventory management systems, transport management systems, fleet management solutions and more. While there are several off-the-shelf TMS software options on the market, their out-of-the-box features and clunky integration capabilities will make for a less-than-ideal experience.

The industry is perennially advancing with the constant changes in the logistics and transportation industry. To have increased output value it is necessary to have technologies that come economical and are easily manageable through the minimum training. The industry is continuously in pressure of improving its delivery efficiency.

  • The solution is logistics mobile app development that makes the work across all departments visible and predictable.
  • Also, you may have a range of other software for different applications already set up and configured.
  • Once you have gathered all the necessary data about your logistics mobile app, it is time to find mobile-app developers.
  • Moreover, moving on to custom software at a later stage means reinvestment with overhead onboarding costs.
  • As a system integrator, we provide smart, data-driven IT solutions for this, such as planning and administration systems, operating systems for processes and equipment, information services, and mobile apps.
  • A full focus on customer needs is one of our company’s top priorities.
  • Whether it be storing your prized wine collection in our climate controlled wine cellar, de-cluttering your home or growing your business we have a storage unit suited for all your needs.

Nobody wants to deal with the classic “we are looking into the problem” reply. What you want, instead, is a team of trained professionals that will get on the issue as quickly as possible. The basic function of any Logistics Management Software is productivity and efficiency enhancement, in warehouse operations, aimed at saving money and improving customer satisfaction. Side by side, it co-opts logistics tracking software to improve transparency and enforce greater control over operations. Inventory management software solutions are meant to reduce business risks.

Mobile apps for logistics enable you to optimize routes, predict fuel expenses, and reduce empty miles. Technology enables a fleet of trucks to use GPS assistance and pick the most optimized path for them without getting lost and arriving at the state of delays in deliveries. Moreover, the trucking management feature and flexibility save companies from increasing their unnecessary expenses on fuels or gas. The history of inefficiencies witnessed in the pandemic needs to be transported. Flexibility and productivity should be the heart of supply chain organizations. The DDI Development team have been most helpful in the past 3 years, and I come to them when I want particular expertise with tricky-to-solve PHP related problems or issues.

Stages Of Logistics Mobile App Development

If you want to increase the income of your logistics company, consider shipping on-demand mobile app development. To beat the competition, it is necessary to follow your competitors and study their marketing activities regularly. By applying this tactic, businesses can grab customers’ attention along with gaining efficiency in streamlining operations and improving staff efficiency. Thus, improvising the logistics business performance will gradually improve customer relations and elevate efficient service delivery to a higher standard.

Our clients are assured of the security of their data at all times via an NDA, besides which we have extensive knowledge of relevant domains. Vrinsoft has 99% customer satisfaction and is an award-winning company with ISO 9001 certification. Aside from the system, itself, you should also choose a logistic software development company based on the people behind the scenes. Select a provider that provides you with a timely and highly responsive level of technical support.

How to develop logistics software

Lastly, your software development company can also assist you in feature selection. Custom logistic software is tailored as per your company’s requirements, so it is more efficient at resolving your logistic problems. As the entire custom development process begins from scratch, this route is lengthy but worth spending your money on. On the other hand, there is ready-made software available in the market that IT vendors can customize as per your business needs and provide the same benefits.

The Most Common Logistic App Features

We have a highly skilled team of software developers with 99% customer satisfaction. Similarly to the point above, your new logistics software will need to be able to scale up based on the needs of your supply chain management software. Aside from managing a regular workload, it should also be able to handle periods of peak demand.

How to develop logistics software

Historically, the driver-less vehicle and automated shipment management make things efficient by tracking the safety of goods; the speed of the delivery; in the digitalization of truck routes and capacity. The logistic tracking software enables firms to update customers about the entire product whereabouts online through automated in-app notifications, messages, or mails. Thus, saving their time and money both, that usually drained into manually calling the customers and updating them of the issues. The major challenge the logistics industry goes through is inconsistency and fragmentation.

Our Qualities For Logistics And Supply Chain Management

You have an idea, and we hold an advanced technology stack for its realization. What you should look for here is whether the Logistics Software Development Company is actively engaged in monitoring and fixing any and all software malfunctions with regular updates and patches. Cloud computing offers another level of reliability to the system since sensitive data is stored off-site on remote servers. This means that, in the event of a crash, security breach, accident, or any other kind of physical problem, this data will be safely stored elsewhere and readily available to you. Multiple companies offer Logistic Softwares but to choose the suitable for your organization requires the knowledge of the same. Achieve the desired targets with effective and streamlined Business Process management.

Take a guided tour of a sample application for fleet managers to get an idea of how it can be used for transportation and logistics. Once the MVP of your logistic application is done, the development team runs the final demo and releases the app to Apple Store and Google play for public access. At this stage, you receive entire access to your app, the database, the app’s code, and other project-related documents. Also, check out our previous article where we shared tips on hiring mobile app developers. Once you select the best mobile developers, you need to get in touch with their sales representatives, usually via the website’s contact form.

Fleet Management System Demo

We have been cooperating with the DDI Development company for the last year and they are providing great expertise to our eBoss project. We surely will use their team again as soon as our project will be expanding further. We would be happy to evaluate your project and prepare an implementation plan. Also, if you still have questions about custom development from KeyUA, check out this section.

Before delivering the feature-rich app, the team will create an app MVP that involves only the basic features needed to prove your business idea. To make money, shipping on-demand apps charge a software service fee based on the total delivery. Warehouse management solutions can also optimize dispatches and routes. Additionally, they allow you to manage rides, reduce miles driven, and increase revenue.

Syberry has significantly improved our existing platform, and they continue demonstrate their dedication to our business goals and needs by making thoughtful suggestions for enhancements. The Syberry team is communicative and reliable, mitigating all our concerns about outsourcing software development. Syberry delivered high-quality products on time and at outstanding value. They provided frequent updates and repeatedly sought feedback at each stage. Customers can expect a highly experienced team that easily translates concepts into solutions.

How To Create A Logistics App

We also control the equipment with a Warehouse Control System , such as conveyor belts, automatic warehouses, voice picking, Pick/Put-To-Light guidance, and robots. To achieve this, we integrate our custom-developed solutions with existing systems including ERP and WMS. Brought on as a third party, we supplied ongoing development services.

When you build custom, there are little-to-no limitations to what you can create. This level of customization sets you up for future growth and pushes you ahead of competitors who may be limited with flexibility due to an off-the-shelf solution. Needless to say, international shipping can become a thorn in your side. Fortunately, many of these issues can be resolved by logistics mobile solutions.

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